Thursday, 31 January 2013

Supporting British

Well, as January draws to a close, I can't believe how quickly 2012 went by! A huge 'thank you' to everyone who supported me in various ways during the year. It's given me such a boost, especially in times of doubt. This self-employment malarkey isn't easy, you know!

Union Jack Paperweights

So the obvious highlights for most people for 2012 were the Royal Jubilee, Olympics and Paralympics, and rightly so. These events sparked the 'Support British' mentality, both in craft and other aspects of day-to-day consumerism. It is through this thinking that artists like myself and other small businesses are able to keep going. By supporting local businesses you know exactly where things are coming from and the stories and processes in getting them to you. Through craft businesses, you know you are getting something unique to treasure for many years. So another thank you to any of you who have opted for British products over mass-produced foreign imports. May it continue!

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