Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My Button Project

This summer I will be joining hundreds of other artists turning their talents towards unique button-making. 
A stunning exhibition of contemporary handmade buttons will go on show alongside the silk costume collection at Macclesfield’s Heritage Centre this June.  Running from 14th June – 8th August, The Button Project exhibition will be launched at Barnaby, the town’s summer festival of art and fun, and will showcase work by artists and makers from across the UK, and even beyond.

I've always wanted to have a go at making some glass buttons but never seem to find the time to play around with designs. So when the call for applicants came out, I thought it sounded like the perfect opportunity to give it a try. 
Using lampworking techniques was probably the obvious way to go, so I decided to go with blown and coldworked glass instead. Just to keep you on your toes!
Something contemporary. Minimalist with precise detail. A design that connected to my blown pieces that wasn't necessarily a typical rounded shape but still keeping within the 3cm size restriction. 

This is what I came up with:

What do you think?
I'm so intrigued to see all the other beads displayed together!


  1. I can't talk after cutting micro machine size glass cars on a wet saw that big, but.... get a smaller saw! I got mine from B&Q, £50 incl a better blade!

    1. It's the only one I have access to at the moment... Know it's a tad excessive for beads! ;) Do you think the one that you have would stand up to cutting through my thick pots??

  2. Nicely done! I didn't get my application done in time :(

  3. You should make some for fun anyway, Ruth! :)

  4. Ema, great post of your process and fab photos, did you take them yourself? I maybe need a lesson in good blog photography!!
    BTW did you see your blog feature on Tuesday this week? Hope you like it :-)

    1. Thanks Sue! Yeah, I take all the photos myself (unless you can see 2 hands in them, in which case I had a helper). The making photos are just taken on my iPhone, and product shots are with my digi SLR - usually sprawled on my bedroom floor on a piece of card! -all very professional! ;) Must do a blog posts about taking snaps. Lyndsey James has a lovely blog about her photography that you might find useful: http://blog.lyndsey-james.co.uk
      The blog feature is wonderful , thank you!