Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Nottingham Contemporary

My friend and fellow artist Rachel (a.k.a Pink Couch) suggest the jolly good idea of us taking a trip up to Nottingham to see what was going on at Nottingham Contemporary gallery last week. 
There was also a lace exhibition going on at the castle which would have fit in perfectly with some new work I'm doing, but us being us, we didn't realise that the castle closed early during the winter months, so we missed that one - D'oh! 

The Contemporary is a great space (can't believe I've never been there before!) and presented us with two exhibitions from Piero Gilardi and John Newling. 
I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to conceptual art, so I'm sure there was something I was missing when it came to Newling's work on the 'social and economic systems of society'. Although did find his framed pieces with dried cabbage leaves intriguing - with their appearance meant to change through the duration of the exhibition. His use of gold leaf made them quite attractive. (It didn't occur to me at this point to take a photo!)

Piero Gilardis foam stones and leaves

I had more of an appreciation for Piero Gilardi's work from the 60's with the technical skill involved in transforming synthetic foam into such realistic representations of natural forms. All hand-carved and painted. Our urge to jump on the art works welcomely relieved by the separate piece made for our squishing curiosities. :)

The outside of the Contemporary - I got some lace inspiration from the trip!

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