Friday, 1 February 2013

Holland, January 2013

Last week this Duck spread her wings and flew to Leerdam, Holland with Niki from 'Niki Steel Glass' for some glass blowing and inspiration. The trip turned out to be timed nicely with the snow and  sub-zero temperatures freezing up the canals - all very picturesque! 
There's so much glass making in the area, what with all the studios, factories, galleries and museums, so we had lots to see. It's the Stourbridge of the Netherlands! A massive thanks to Chris Maas for showing us around! We managed to squeeze in a little trip to Utrecht one afternoon which was like a mini Amsterdam, very pretty. I found a lovely fabric shop so bought some lace to try out some new ideas for my glass work.

Even just going to the Glass Museum was worth the trip - such a huge amount of amazing (and some questionable!) contemporary and traditional pieces to see. We spent hours in there and left packed with ideas to try out with our own work. It was much needed! Now I've been itching to get started on new ideas, and rather excited about the prospect.

May I also mention (while I remember) the most amazing pancake I've ever had! I'd move there just for that!  :o)  Yum yum yum...

We visited Bernard Heesen's studio which was wonderful. Such a gorgeous setting and curious building filled with magical glass things.
I'm developing quite the fascination for old glass blowing photographs.
I think this is Bernard's Father. I really like this shot.

A somewhat challenging day glass blowing in the Leerdam studio. It's been 5 years since I've worked with any assistants (or working as one) due to making all my work solo. There was a lot I wasn't used to on top of the new workspace and certain ways of working that I'd forgotten. A day just wasn't long enough, so fingers crossed we'll be able to go back again soon. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on some photos of me making in the studio...

Everyone we met was so friendly and welcoming. Thanks for having us to play, Leerdam!
Glass blowing statue in Leerdam

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